______________________________________Technical Specifications : _________________________________________________

Industrial Class IIIa Red Laser Diode         Rubber foot flexi-leg camera tri-pod

Built in microphone                                         RCA Line-in jack

Power switch                                                    2.1mm DC power jack

LED power indicator                                       Manual image speed control

U.L. approved 9 VDC, 300mA class II low voltage plug-in wall transformer included

SIZE:   6.875 Length      2.25 Diameter , with tri-pod removed

Sits on any flat surface or legs can bend like fingers to grip things like a microphone stand or lighting truss.

Tri-pod can be replaced with any standard camera tripod or 1/4-20 machine screw for custom mounting. 


Sound is captured by the built-in microphone or RCA line-in jack.  An automatic sound sensitivity control optimizes the laser image ranging from normal human conversation to Rock concert levels.  If the Line-in level is very low or not present, the built-in microphone is automatically used.

A manually adjustable SPEED control allows you to change waveform density making different images which adds variety when using multiple Musicalasers. It also allows the device to be musically "tuned" to maximize stop-action images.                                     

Download  user instructions for more information: INSTRUCTIONS

MADE IN USA - patent pending

Sorry, sales and shipments are only available within the United States.

Standard tube colors are SILVER  and   BLACK.               Custom colors or graphics available upon request.

It is dangerous to shine any laser beam directly into human or animal eyes. 

Not responsible for misuse. Use under adult supervision.