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ATTENTION: Read all safety guidelines before attempting to operate. When unpacking, carefully inspect for damage. Do not operate if damaged.     This product should only be used under adult supervision.  Turn off when not in use.

Retain these documents for future reference.


Thank you for purchasing the Musicalaser light show.  This product is a sound responsive laser.  A polar waveform image of the sound is projected onto any surface.  The projected image increases diameter with distance.  It incorporates surface mount electronics, precession optics and a quality laser.

Please read these instructions thoroughly for the highest safety, best performance and longest life.







-Use of controls or adjustments to performance or procedures other than those specified may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

-Do not attempt to alter the Laser as this may result in hazardous exposure.

-Keep out of the reach of children. The laser light emitted from this device should not be directed towards people or animals.





1.       Insure that the ON OFF slide switch is in the OFF position.

2.       Make connection to the RCA line-in jack. No connection is required when using the internal microphone.

3.       Insert the DC plug from the provided AC adapter into the Musicalaser jack labeled 9VDC. Plug the AC adapter into an U.S. domestic standard 120VAC 60Hz electrical outlet.

4.       Position the Musicalaser on a stable surface with the laser aperture pointing away from any persons and not towards any highly reflective surfaces such as mirrors or flat glass.



5.       Slide the ON OFF switch to the ON position.

6.       Play music and watch the Musicalaser light show.

7.       Return the ON OFF switch to the OFF position when not in use.



The rate at which the laser beam completes one cycle can be set using the Speed adjustment knob.  Speed rate is a personal preference and can be set anywhere between minimum and maximum.  Do not force the speed adjust knob passed the stops.   Most modern musical instruments are tuned to a standard A note which has a frequency of 440Hz. To optimize the laser image formation for A 440, apply a 55 Hz audio signal and adjust the speed control knob so that either a 3 or 4 lobe non-rotating image is formed. 


Laser Warning Label attached to unit.


                                                                                                                     Back end view – User Controls



User Controls            Speed Adjustment ( < 1 Turn, do not force )      Tripod mtg.          Warning Label         Laser Aperture



                                        Bottom view


SAFETY GUIDELINES:                                                                                                                               See other side of this page.

Lasers have many dangers.  The owner and operator of this laser device is responsible for safety. The following information is for your protection and for those around you.  Be sure to instruct others on laser safety. They may not know the hazards, or what to expect and avoid. 


This laser has been manufactured and tested to meet CDRH Class IIIa (<5mW) safely limits which means that the beam power is low enough that the eye should be protected from permanent damage by natural pupil contraction, blink, and aversion reflexes. Beware that permanent eye damage can occur from prolonged intentional misuse. There is not enough power in a Class IIIa laser beam to burn anything. Potential damage to vision is the main safety consideration.


·         Do not look directly into the beam of any laser.

·         Do not point a laser at mirrors or shiny surfaces.

·         Do not point a laser at or toward people or animals.

·         Do not allow minors to use lasers unsupervised.

·         Turn power off when not in use, when moving, cleaning or maintaining.

·         Public safety regulations require that the laser beam be 3 meters vertically above the audience floor and 2 meters laterally from the closest point at which the audience could have access.   Keep laser unit and laser beam out of public reach and contact.

·         Mount laser on a stable surface.

·         When adjusting or aligning a laser, beware of stray reflections from shiny surfaces. 

·         Do not allow laser or laser beam to move uncontrollably.

·         This is a graphics effect laser, not a beam effect laser. Fog, mist or smoke is not required.  The projected graphic laser image should be terminated on a projection screen or non-shiny, flat white or light colored surface.


Flash blindness – A similar effect occurs if you are looking at a camera strobe light while being photographed.  Flash blindness can occur when a Class IIIa or less laser beam momentarily enters the eye. Though momentary exposure may result in temporary flash blindness, disorientation, multiple afterimages, and headache, such effects, while not to be minimized in importance, should not be permanent.

Collateral damage – A car wreck or other type of accident can occur if a laser beam causes a distraction. Some people have a strong psychological reaction by being illuminated with a laser beam. It is possible to receive eye injuries, not from the beam itself, but by a strong response that includes vigorously rubbing or sticking fingers in the eyes.

Misinterpretation of intent – Some firearms use a laser beam for targeting. Someone who thinks you are targeting him or her with a firearm laser sight could fire upon you.  There is a risk of being arrested if you aim a laser beam at military, government or law enforcement personnel.


·         Sound input through internal microphone or Line-in RCA jack – When using microphone, image quality depends on location.

·         2.1mm DC power jack, 9VDC @ <300mA    -    Musicalaser is reverse polarity protected

·         AC power adapter included

·         Automatic gain controls image quality from sounds ranging from normal human conversation to rock concert levels

·         Variable image scanning speed

·         Standard Camera ¼-20 Tripod mount

·         Camera Tripod included

·         Power switch with purple LED power indicator


Laser source:  CW continuous mode solid state laser diode with PD power control

Laser wavelength: 635-670nm (Red)

Maximum laser optical power output:  < 5mW, CLASS IIIa

Power supply: 9 Volts DC@ <300mA

Dimensions:  6.875” Length x 2.25” Diameter plastic tube, not including Tripod

Weight: 1 pound, includes Tripod and AC power adaptor


This warranty is only valid within the United States to the original purchaser only, non-transferable. Oscillotronics, Inc. warrants that this product shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty applies within 60 days of the original purchase with normal consumer use. This warranty does not apply for commercial or industrial use of this product.  Oscillotronics, Inc. does not cover damage or failure caused by abuse, misuse, faulty installation, improper maintenance, or any repairs not carried out by Oscillotronics, Inc. There will be no obligations or liability on the part of Oscillotronics, Inc. for consequential damages arising from the use of the product or any indirect damages with respect to loss of property, revenue, or costs for removal, installation, or re-installation.  This warranty does not cover adjustments, nor damage due to accidents, misuse, abuse, fire or other acts of God, incorrect line voltage, damage to other equipment caused by improper installation, unauthorized or improper modification.  During the warranty period, Oscillotronics, Inc. will, at Oscillotronics, Inc. option, repair or replace this product without charge, which shall be the purchaser’s sole remedy. All returns must be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, which is issued by Oscillotronics, Inc. Contact Oscillotronics, Inc. before returning any item. The product must be returned with a clear copy of the proof of purchase, showing place and date of purchase with proper postage and insurance prepaid along with return postage and insurance prepaid.  The unit must be in its original packaging with any original accessories. Oscillotronics, Inc. will not be responsible or accept any liability for any loss or damage to additional items which are sent with returned product. 


Include your name and return address.   Oscillotronics, Inc.    202 West 44th Street    Indianapolis, IN 46208

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If the product is not covered under the terms of this warranty Oscillotronics, Inc. will advise you of the costs to carry out any repairs necessary.  The unit will repaired and returned to you upon receipt of payment for the work including the return shipping costs. Allow 2 to 4 weeks for return of your product. Under normal circumstances warranty repairs are completed within 5 working days. Not responsible for delays in shipping. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.   THIS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS.   NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS OR MISUSE.