Audio Visualizer  Laser Show   $59.95


         Turns your stereo into a light show          




Diameter increases 1" per foot

Laser images pulse, rotate and change shape
 through an infinity of geometric complexities to your music

                                                  The MUSICALASER                                                                                                               Projects the actual waveform of the musicDiameter increases 1" per footDiameter increases 1" per foot                    


The Oscillotron (o-sĭl'o-trŏn') Musicalaser is an amazing new component
that projects sound responsive images in an ever changing, kaleidoscopic
light show to thrill you with light, color and motion.  It gives you the sight
of sound!  There has never been anything like it.  Not a disco lamp, not a
strobe, not like any other light source you’ve ever seen. It uses an entirely
new technology that adds a new dimension to the enjoyment of music. 




MADE IN USA - patent pending

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